Kiddee Project no.1 by TATHATA

Dialysis Bag Product

KIDDEE project presents the first product – Bag made from dialysis fluid container. We utilize dialysis fluid containers, which comprised of non-recyclable materials, and turn them into something of great value.

The income generated from this project will be donated to kidney patients, both early stage and later stage, in Nan province. In addition, the money will be donated to the Environment Lovers group of Nan Hospital.

The project started when Nan Hospital realized the huge amount of wastes that were generated and the lack of efficient process to eliminate these wastes. A group of volunteers, families, and hospital employees subsequently founded the Bank of Waste, an organization whose purpose was to promote and share knowledge in recycling wastes. Another purpose of the bank was to restore pride and value of the psychiatric patients and help these patients transition back to the community.

Dialysis fluid containers are considered useful waste because they were made from high quality plastic. With the growing population of kidney patients, Dialysis fluid containers are abundance and increasing in number. Unfortunately, dialysis fluid containers are non recyclable. Instead of throwing them away, Nan Hospital wanted to build valuable products from these materials. Hence, ThinkGood Project No.1 was started.