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The buzz: One of the rare new spaces to open on the corner of Phra Athit-Phra Sumen Road offers a menu of spicy fried chicken alongside some serious gin cocktails.  - See more at:

The decor: Like other joints in the area, Wing N’ Thing resides in a standard single-unit shop-house. Unlike other joints in the area, this one feels light, bright and contemporary. Downstairs takes a cute Brooklyn cafe direction with its clean tiles, whitewashed walls and warm wooden counters, while upstairs you get a better sense of the old building thanks to the original windows and wooden wall panels.  - See more at:

The food: The kitchen rolls out sets of crispy fried wings (B160-560 for 6-24 pieces) in three choices of seasoning: original, hot and spicy, and barbecue. Each set is accompanied by your choice of eight dipping sauces, from Jack Daniel’s barbecue sauce and cheese dip to Thai-inspired basil caramel, tom yum mayo and “chili from hell” spicy sauce. Pay an extra B40 for sides like hash brown, onion rings, garlic bread or mashed potato. Other items on the menu includes calamari (B160), New Orleans wings (B160), bacon grilled cheese (B190) and tom yum kung thin-crust pizza (B300). - See more at:

The drinks: The bar's focus on gin results in refreshing cocktails like the Master Peach (B200), a blend of gin with peach schnapps, syrup, lime juice and a dash of bitters, served with popcorn. We also like the savory Bacon Blah Blah (B230), which mixes bourbon with lime juice, syrup, egg white and bacon oil, topped with grilled bacon and lemon peel. They have a list of classic gin tonics, too, made using syrup twists, like the Gin Rose (B180), in which rose syrup is added to the gin and tonic and garnished with rose petals. They also serve imported bottles like Brewdog Punk IPA (B250) and Brothers cider (B250).  - See more at:

Why you should care: As much of a bar as it is a restaurant, Wing N’ Thing offers a solid place for crispy, deep-fried drinking food to munch over stiff cocktails.  - See more at:

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