About us

We are a Bangkok based brand and we offer one of the best pieces in bags to our customers to take pleasure from. Its not every day you get the opportunity to land in a place that offers both stylish and cool bags. Here at Tathata, we create fun+tional bags that offer not only cool and stylish designs but are also amazingly decorated fun items printed on them. Our bags are funky yet functional!


We don’t compromise on the quality of our bags. They last for long periods of time and are also ideal for rough use.


We made the perfect bag for every type of urban townfolks – from street photographer to traveller. We are constantly studying, twisting and improving our bags to provide you the best fun+tional bags ever! We made bags that we are proud of and that are built to last both quality and design. Trends come and go, but we’re here to stay 😉

It all started with our hands

The first Tathata bag was made in 2012 when we couldn’t find a perfect casual bag that let us carry all of our belonging around the city and also practical to use for many activities in a day, and so set about designing one which would.

Small but full of passion


All Tathata bags are handmade by our small but passionate team in Bangkok. At every stage of the process we aim to minimize waste and maximize support for local community and suppliers.

Less chemical


Chemicals are used in all manufacturing of textile products. To minimize the impact that these chemicals can have on the environment, we choose dyeing factory that has same vision. The factory use biological substances call ‘Enzease’ that they invented together with BIOTEC (a member of National center of genetic engineering and biotechnology) that help reduce toxic from dyeing manufacturing and also use less electrical energy.


Moreover we use Smartrepel Hydro technology to coat on fabric. It is eco and nature friendlier protection that keeps your bag dry. The unique technology offers exceptional, durable water repellency and it is fluorine-free.

Built for last

We take great care to make sure that our bags are stylish and long lasting everyday bags. We want to do this in a way that is fair for everyone involved. This means taking responsibility for the impact of our products throughout their life cycle. Instead of fashion we go for simplicity, fun+tional and sustainability.